In the highly competitive world of construction, you need every advantage. A solid relationship with a dependable agent and surety is one of the biggest "assets" you can obtain. Remember, "assets" contribute to your overall surety program!

Because we are exclusively bonding agents, our full attention and resources are dedicated to providing you with the best possible surety bonding program. That clear focus has given our client contractors a huge advantage over those represented by non-specialized agents. Surety bonding is a relationship driven business. Your agent should have strong relationships with financially sound bonding companies and be able to bring those to you.

We have been successful in contract bid, performance, payment, maintenance, license, permit and many other bonds by listening to each client, providing prompt service and competitive rates, and negotiating the largest possible bond programs. Here at Surety Solutions, every contractor receives our quality service, regardless of size or years in business. We deliver personal service not only to established contractors, but to emerging contractors as well. Our relationships are built over years of service because we anticipate and fulfill the varying needs of our clients. Let us know how we can assist you.

We offer absolute commitment to our clients, including:

  • A Highly Trained and Qualified Staff
  • "A" Rated Companies (A.M. Best Guide)
  • U.S. Treasury Listed Companies
  • Competitive Rates
  • Premium Dividends for Qualifying Contractors
  • Full Range of Miscellaneous Bond

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