You may submit your bid bond request online. Simply click on the link below and fill in the following form. Use your tab key on your keyboard to go to each entry on the form. Please note that you should fill out the form completely prior to submitting.

For same day service, we must receive this form by 3:00pm

1.) Name of Contractor:




2.) Name of Obligee:


3.) Name of Architect:


4.) Description of Job:

5.) Project / Bid / Solicitation Number: 
6.) Estimated Amount of Bid:  

Bid Bond %


Retainage %

 7.) Penalty Clause: Yes  No Amount:  

Working or Calendar Day:


 8.) Warranty:

9.) Est. start date:   Est. completion date/time:  
10.) Any Subcontractors?   Participation %:   Bonded? Yes  No
11.) Date of Bid:   Location of Bid:   Time:  
12.) Specific Bond form to use?: Yes  No ___ If yes, attach form.
Return Bond By:
FED EX Airborne Express UPS Regular Mail Will Pick Up
Lone Star Other      

If using overnight service, please provide your account number:   

Requested by:       Email address:  

Note: If you are submitting the form close to 3:00pm, give us a call to confirm that we have received it. Surety Solutions Agency Inc. cannot be responsible for delays due to slow or congested traffic on the internet.


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